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QTrace icon A Powerful IDE for Android System Debug & Trace that provides a powerful logcat viewer, while also offering support search, and other useful tools

QTrace is a powerful IDE for Android System Debug and tracer that acts as a fully functioning Android IDE.

Like any other integrated development environment, it is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development, in this case, Android app development.

The entire app comes in a portable package that does not require any setup process, making development on the go via flash drives and removable media possible

Among the many features boasted by this program, we can mention the powerful logcat viewer with acts as a comprehensive debug list creator for you to view all Android system computations and where they misfire.

The logcat can search for specific elements, as well as have them highlighted, bookmarked, and have scripting support.

The log viewer records anything the phone does and all active or background processes, including memory, battery, key action and more.

The java file can also be represented through a UML class diagram that QTrace can auto-generate from the logcat.

QTrace also offers support plugin, include android device file manager Android Device Memory Monitor, UMLView, etc.

Online support is also provided through the built-in online search engine that allows you to gain access to various tips and tricks, as well as the ability to view the Android source code.

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