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Memo Book Portable icon Allows you to organize your information by creating a local database with documents and attachments within a streamlined and use-friendly interface

When it comes to working on projects that involve a lot of writing, most of us use capable text editors. Despite their efficiency, they are not well suited for handling large amounts of documents.

To your aid comes Memo Book Portable, a powerful personal information manager that aims to offer you most of the benefits of a text editor, but with far better document organizing capabilities.

Portable personal information manager

The first thing you need to know is that the application is portable, which means that it does not require installation in order to run smoothly on any computer. Also, thanks to its small size, you can take it anywhere with you on a portable device.

Secondly, as opposed to its desktop version, Memo Book Portable does not come with support for spell checking and does not include the useful 'Help' files. In addition, the utility does not support PDFs, which means that you cannot save your documents as such or open any PDF attachment, for that matter

Comes with a streamlined interface

This said, upon first starting the application, you are greeted by what might seem like a very crowded interface at first. In fact, the interface is very similar to what you would find on most comprehensive text editors, making it fairly intuitive to work with.

Besides its elements that are reminiscent of text editors, Memo Book Portable comes with a panel that displays a tree-like structure and makes it simple for you to store and work with large numbers of documents.

Packs advanced text editing and document organizing features

When it comes to text editing, you can expect many of the functions found on the most popular text editors. Advanced text formatting and alignment functions, support for headers and footers, tables, lists, images, URLs, page numbers are but a few features that Memo Book Portable has to offer.

Additionally, you should also know that Memo Book Portable makes it very simple for you to keep your information securely stored by relying on a powerful AES 256 encryption algorithm.

Versatile personal information manager that you can take with you everywhere

To conclude, Memo Book Portable is a capable app that helps you manage and edit large numbers of documents. Because this is a portable app, it is very well suited for users that need to work on their projects on multiple computers from different locations.

It may lose a few features over its standalone version, but what you lose in terms of functionality, you win back in portability. In the end, whether you plan on writing a book, keeping a diary, working on your theses or any project that involves multiple documents, Memo Book Portable does not disappoint.

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Memo Book Portable was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica on Jul 22nd, 2015
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Memo Book Portable

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