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Advanced NMEA Data Logger icon This simple, yet reliable application can provide you with real-time activity logs from various sources, such as IP addresses or COM devices

Advanced NMEA Data Logger is a powerful application that can record activity logs from various devices remotely connected via TCP/IP protocols or COM ports. The tool is designed to input NMEA data streams from GPS, navigation and other similar instruments.

Input data from NMEA devices to local files

Advanced NMEA Data Logger is a suitable tool for recording the activity of remotely connected NMEA devices and saving it in Excel spreadsheets, Access files and other databases. The application can provide you with real-time data from any of the supported devices and instruments.

NMEA or National Marine Electronics Association represents a specification for the interface between pieces of marine electronic equipment. The data transfer between an electrical interface and the communications protocol can, for instance, be defined by the NMEA standard.

Advanced NMEA Data Logger can record and aggregate data from several NMEA devices to your computer. The program can thus replace hardware equipment that logs data from GPS devices.

Quick device configuration

Advanced NMEA Data Logger allows you to easily configure the NMEA devices you wish to monitor and allows you to select between the supported port types during the installation. You can select the RS232/RS485/RS422 port configuration, which you can log through a converter. Alternatively, the program can listen to TCP/IP or UDP ports.

The configuration window includes several categories regarding the devices, the log files, the data format and plug-ins. You can monitor a device as a client or server station, based on which computer the program is installed on.

Server and connection settings

Advanced NMEA Data Logger allows you to filter the IP addresses that you wish to listen to. Leaving the list empty implies that you wish to allow all connections. Moreover, you can specify the number of simultaneous connections and enable the option to send client information to a parser.

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Advanced NMEA Data Logger was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan on Mar 15th, 2017

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